Dynamic Tower

July 17, 2010

This concept of Dynamic Tower is so interesting and innovative in the architect world which break through the old-design norm. How can you imagine that a skyscraper which can be possibly flexible like this !! Read the rest of this entry »


The Met, Bangkok

July 17, 2010

how can you define your “luxury” ?

today i pick one of the most luxurious condominium project in Thailand which is “The Met”, high-rise building in the heart of center business district in Bangkok. It was designed by WOHA, well-known architect firm from Singapore.

Let’s see every perspective from this condominium !!

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 “Let’s go green” 

nowadays, a lot of marketing campaigns focus on environmental issue, also in housing market. These Nzinga Modern town homes effectively show how can we combine nature with construction. Read the rest of this entry »

63.02° Nakano Tokyo

July 12, 2010

Because of either density of the city or pricey land cost,  small land plot is a common problem to build a house in any metropolis.

Someone said that creativity is come up by constraint ~

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here we go,  my first house style is Thai traditional house which is my hometown country.

Even though, nowadays, it’s hardly able to find this kind of house in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, because of the civilzation, i think this house can represent the culture, behavior, weather and lifestyle of traditional Thai people thoroughly.  Read the rest of this entry »

howdy my friends 🙂

here’s the blog to present the housing architecture which mainly focus on single detached houses and townhouses (low rise housing).   

And basically, i will find interesting houses form all around the world to show the pros and cons of each place, exterior – interior, but somehow, i will present some Thai housing projects to compare to others also.

okay this is just an introduction, let’s see my first place !