Business Center Gorriti

August 1, 2010

Work place is one of the most important place for everybody because we have to spend our time in that place around 1/3 of each day.  This cool glassy office building is not only stylish but it’s also practical in real life.

Business Center Gorriti 6046-56 was designed by ATV Arquitectos located in Buenos Aires. The project seeks to take advantage of opportunities arising from the complexity and heterogeneity of this sector of the versatile new neighborhood called Palermo Hollywood, which tends to settle as a new hub of commercial offices, professional firms and producers of film and TV.

The building takes as problematic projecting shaft of repetition, variation, flexibility and clustering of different types of offices, offering different levels for potential users. It provided for a central circulation core that organizes the different areas of use around the same in all plants. The volumetric composition of the project raises two perceptual scales that in turn define programmatic changes in the set.

A piece of architecture in the form of “U” contains the four levels of flexible units where continuity of the horizontal planes of concrete defined expansions. The volume ratio of divisible office to the outside is filtered through frosted glass vertical planes that form the boundary of the same. In alternating repetition, such drawings, determine a random pace according to their function. This volume takes the scale defined in the environment, available on a delayed plane glaze volume for open plan offices on upper floors, where the expansions and the frosted glass denote the volume rhythmic continuity that forms the lower floors.

The project focuses its attention projecting into the interstices and relations that generate different uses and different programmatic interrelated through spatial continuities and changes, materials and perspectives.



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