Queen Elizabeth Square

July 31, 2010

Life needs color, also the house ~

I like these apartments because they are lovely and colorful which make them unique from normal building.

Surprisingly, little thing makes it different .. 

Queen Elizabeth Square by Anderson Bell + Christie Architects in Scotland

This is a regeneration project south of the Clyde using some of Glasgow’s most highly-rated contemporary architects. The designer this building is Anderson Bell + Christie Architects . This is social housing development nearing completion in the Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland. Bruce Newlands was the designer / project architect with ABC at the time but since moved on to set up Kraft Architecture. The development is for Ogilvie Homes & New Gorbals Housing Association and is one of the last Phases in the Crown Street Regeneration Masterplan

Location:Glasgow City Centre, Gorbals


This development will provide around 85 apartments in eleven modern, energy efficient, tenement closes.  The project is the final phase of the RTPI award-winning regeneration of Hutchesontown.

Current status:

61 social rented units completed June 2009. 24 private sale units currently on hold.

Timescale: Work on site started September 2007. Further construction dates not yet decided.

Cost: £9 million

source: http://www.arnewde.com/architecture-design/queen-elizabeth-square-by-anderson-bell-christie-architects-in-scotland/


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