Leluk & Skywalk … the highest condominium on Sukhumvit road

July 31, 2010

Bird-eye view all around the metropolis like Bangkok, modern design in both exterior and interior building, waterfall – clear sand beach – aquarium in your condominium and plus, the lifestyle shopping center in the same project, you can find this all facilities in Leluk & Skywalk ..

This project is located on Sukhumvit road, which is one of the most lively street street in Bangkok and enhanced the potentail by BTS (Bangkok Mass transit System – sky train). Moreover, plenty of fine restaurants, gourmet markets, entertainment center, foreigner communities and some office buildings are all around this district.

Therefore, Sukhumvit is a center of premium accommodotion in Thailand.

A new dawn of real estate has arrived with the planned mega-project by “Walaluk Properties.” A new dimension of living is being created with the company investing over four billion baht in its new state-of-the-art project named “Skywalk Condominium,” which will be located Sukhumvit area. For the first time in the industry, the consumers will get the opportunity to experience a higher standard of living which integrates both design and technology into their living space .The condominium will offer its tenants a mouth-watering array of public spaces such as a skywalk, an aquarium, a panorama beach area, and a meditation room. The target consumer group will be both Thai and foreign higher income earners and the company already projects a return of over 1.5 billion baht within the first quarter of 2008.

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Increase in demand for city living

Khun Wichai Poolwalaluck, CEO of Walaluk Properties limited and the directors of the Skywalk Condo development has said that the one of the most important factor for the consumers who chooses to buy condominiums is location. The logic behind this consumer behavior is that the lifestyle of the target group usually requires a certain amount of flexibility in day to day life. By having a condominium in the center of town with multiple means of transportation, Skywalk condo meets the demands of its target groups with comfort and style by giving it tenants freedom and flexibility.

The property market for condominiums in Bangkok still has much room to grow. The rapid growth is due to the life style of the current generation of buyers. Time has become such an important asset to the current generation that ease of transportation and location has become a major factor in the decision making process. City living has become the choice for the masses.

With the projected growth of the economy due to the current political stability, the real estate sector is also forecasted to grow in response. Surge in foreign investment and new businesses will create a larger market for consumers who will want to live in the city, allowing Skywalk condo to directly cater to their needs.

To build a quality condominium, the company has also adopted a comprehensive after sales and marketing policy in which the company intends to build a 5-star hotel that will include apartment services for its tenants to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Skywalk, creating a new dimension for condominiums.

The Skywalk condominium is a high end condominium project located in the Sukhumvit area. The project is part of the Leluk Condo development plans. Presently, Leluk Condo has closed its sales on its first phase of development. The next stage is to capitalize on its success and start with a new conceptual apartment design that will target the high income younger generations.

The Skywalk project will focus much more on general facilities and public spaces compared to other conventional apartments in what it calls “creative living”. This has to be done to meet the high standards of its target group in the B+ to high end market segment. The company has projected that 70 percent of its clients will be Thai with the other 30 percent being foreigners. The starting price of a unit will be three million baht with larger units selling for a little over ten million baht. The total sales of all the units is expected to bring over 4.5 billion baht.

The name “Skywalk” came to be because of a unique characteristic of the condominium. On the 46th floor, there will be a glass walkway that will allow a direct view to the streets below. On the walkway will also be a view point so that all can enjoy the spectacular view of the city that never sleeps. This concept has been experimented by other developments such as the CN Tower in Canada and has brought great success. It has also allowed CN Tower to become an iconic building. The company believes that by having unique characteristics to the building, it will create a sense of pride for the tenants and will separate them from other mainstream developments.

Waterfall – Aquarium – Beach – taking high society by storm

Khun Vichai and the company’s intentions are to create a luxurious living space and uniqueness to separate Skywalk from other developments. The radical concepts envisioned by Khun Vichai will rewrite the book on apartment design and will establish the company as the undisputed market leader. One of the unique designs is to put the apartment lobby on the 46th floor to showcase the glass runway. On the 11th floor of the complex, there will also be waterfall in the middle of the building to go with the aquarium and beach complex. Another unique facility will be the Nirvana Meditation Room that will be on the 46th floor. These facilities are to help its tenants leave the city while still in the city, allowing one to relax the body and mind.

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