OVERSEAS shower enclosure (2)

July 30, 2010

I come back as promise with more details in another 2 types of shower enclosure which are

– semi-frameless shower enclosure and

– frameless shower enclosure

how’s different of these models… ?

Frameless shower enclosure is the model which is mainly used only glass and hinges to produce that. This type is pretty beloved by architect and luxurious owner.

Because there is no frame at all, therefore, the glass must be thicker than other types of shower enclosure for safety, which is 10 millimeter think.

The clear advantage of this model is good looking, stylish, minimalist style but the weakness is, it cannot be a sliding-door. Because it must use hinge, so, it can be only swinging-door which need more space in your bathroom.



Semi-Frameless shower enclosure, the newest innovation, is a combination between frameless and frame model.

It is combined the advantage of each model. For example, it looks more clear and transparent than frame model and also can be either sliding door or swing-door.

The price of these 2 types are around $500-1,000, depends on the size of the enclosure. 

From this information, you able to choose a nice shower encloure which is fit and suitable to your cool bathroom.

Source: http://www.overseas-shower.com/eng/index.html


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