“OVERSEAS” shower enclosure (1)

July 27, 2010

One of the most important accessories in the bathroom is a shower enclosure to clearly seperate the shower area and the other part.

The difficult thing is how to find the shower enclosure which provides both functional benefit and stylish design …

“OVERSEAS” shower may fulfill this difficulty.

Founded in 1977, in Bangkok, Thailand, Overseas Aluminum Co., Ltd.’s ultimate goal is to be a specialist

For over 20 years, Overseas Aluminum has built up a reputation, acknowledged in the industry by both of its customers and industrial peers, of being a leading and most stable specialised aluminum product manufacturer. This reputation is attributed to Overseas Aluminum’s unwavering ability to provide exceptional aluminum products and including its reliable customer support service that ensures its customers of smooth and rapid product installations without any hassle.

They have so many various types of shower enclosure which able to serve all purpose in every bathroom.

For instance, you can choose either sliding doors or swing doors

choose its appearance :

1. Frame Shower enclosure

2. Semi-Frameless Shower enclosure

3. Frameless Shower enclosure

Today we gonna discuss only the first type, Frame shower enclosure.

We call it “frame shower” because it has aluminium frame covers all side of the glass which makes the shower enclosure very strong and safe. 

This type is particularly popular in Thailand because it is durable, classic style and not pricey.

The frame is made from 100% Aluminium which has 2 color: white and silver.

Average price of them is only around $300 – 500, depend on the size and the type of the glass. 

next post, i gonna show more about another 2 types of shower enclosure. See you

Source: http://www.overseas-shower.com/eng/index.html


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