Gama Issa Minimalist

July 23, 2010

Minimalist is an interesting concept in architecture world which attracts so many people who like the motto, “less is more”.  

This is one of the example of minimalist house from Brazilian architect. He mainly used white color to represent the nature of each material and made it bright and clear.

Gama Issa Minimalist Home Design by Marcio Kogan

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan has designed a modern sustainable house which encloses 700 square meters of living space in two floors situated in a plot of 1700 square meters and enclosed by enormous walls protecting the house which will be covered in natural wood.

The house’s exterior is painted in a cold white tone to take full advantage of the Brazilian sun, and create a contrast with the surrounding environment. The house has a transparency which is obtained from the large sliding glass panels which serve as a wall and have a direct views of the garden and the pool. Large ventilation and natural daylight are available throughout the entire house.

The modern home design has a minimalist garden which overlooks the large bookcases, which occupy one wall on both floors, and run from floor to ceiling neither of which seem to touch the floor or the ceiling due to the construction detail which runs throughout the house.

The interior of the house continues to be covered in tones of white through the usage of various materials like a white toned marble staircase thus reflecting the ambient sunlight which surpasses the large glass panel windows.



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